Saturday, January 25, 2014

Live blamelessly before God.

Job 31:7,8 If I have strayed from his pathway, or if my heart has lusted for what my eyes have seen, or if I am guilty of any other sin, then let someone else harvest the crops I have planted, and let all that I have planted be uprooted.

Job was a determined man. He was determined that he was not going to let sin rule his life. He was not going to open the door that would lead to sin. He was going to protect his soul at all times. To the best of his ability, Job was going to live a godly life.

Job was so sure of the purity of his heart that he was willing to give up everything in his life if he were to be found guilty of a life of sin. He was determined to be found to be blameless before God, to walk on His pathway. He didn't care if he was the only one on earth to walk with God; he was going to do it.

To live blamelessly before God does not mean that we will live perfect lives. It means that we have hearts bent on doing what is right before God and when we fail we confess our sins instead of ignoring them or harboring them in our hearts.

We would do well to have the same determined spirit in our souls. Our passion must always be to live blameless lives before God. However, we must realize that even though we live blamelessly before God, we can’t always live blamelessly before man (believers included). Because of our sinful nature we will come under fire by some who don’t know us well or understand the motives of our hearts. There will always be those who will find fault with us. Our goal is not to please man; it is always to please God. Stay true to the Lord, walk faithfully on the pathway to godliness, and determine in your heart that you will not let sin rule your life. If you do these things, all will be well with your soul.

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