Sunday, January 26, 2014

God speaks. Are we listening?

Job 33:14 But God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it.

How often does God have to speak before we listen? Over and over again God speaks to us. He tells us of His love, mercy and grace. He tells us of the difference between life here and life in heaven. He tells us of the seriousness of sin and the horror of hell. He tells us of our need to be holy in character and influencers for Him in the world. He tells us we are sinners and need to be a people who are humble enough to confess our sins before Him. He speaks, but people do not recognize it or pay attention to it.

We don’t recognize God’s voice because we get so wrapped up in this life that we fail to consider our eternal lives. We become so preoccupied that we scarcely take the time to be still before Him. We neglect our Bibles and prayer closets where the Lord speaks. We fail to discipline ourselves to listen to His Word when it is taught and preached. We lack the discipline to shut out the voices of temptation. We fill our minds up with the voices of the world to the point where we don’t recognize the voice of God telling us not to. We spend more time entertaining ourselves with the world’s offerings than we do those things which edify our souls.

When God speaks to your soul, do you recognize His voice? If you are not hearing God speak to you, you need to rethink your priorities and put yourself in a position where you can hear Him speak. You need to be consistently in the Word so you can know what God is saying and how He wants you to live and think. You need to spend time in prayer with an open heart and ears to listen so that you can hear and recognize God’s voice. You need to be in the fellowship of the church so you can be trained to hear God speak as He speaks through His Word and people.

God does speak again and again. He wants us to hear Him. He has important things to say to us. Develop your spiritual senses so that you can hear Him speak to you. Don’t miss out on what God is saying; it is a matter of life or death for your soul.

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