Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stand and See

I Sam. 12:16  “Now stand here and see the great thing the LORD is about to do.”

We often miss what the Lord is doing because we are too busy running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off to even notice.  We miss out on so much of what the Lord is doing because we aren’t still long enough to pay attention. 

The Lord is doing great things all around us and in the world.  Are you noticing?  He is changing people daily.  He is displaying His power wherever man is found and in various ways.  He is preparing the world for His coming.  He is revealing Himself as Lord of life in fresh and exciting ways to all who will see.  And, the best is yet to come!

Before you do anything else today, pause for a moment and see what great things the Lord is doing around you and even in you.  Stand still and know that He is not done.  His kingdom on earth is ever-growing and ever-changing.  Give Him praise today for all that He is doing.  Give Him praise for all that is yet to come.

The world is full of bad news; don’t let it captivate you.  The Kingdom of God is full of good news; let it captivate you.  When we focus on God and what He is doing, our days look brighter.  He puts a spring in our steps.  Knowing that the Lord is in control and is working out all things for His glory and our good makes life worth the living.

The Lord is about to do some great things, don’t miss them.  Wait on the Lord, keep your eyes fixed on Him.  Stand still and in awe look at what the Lord is doing.  No matter how bad things seem to be, the Lord is at work!  Praise Him for His faithfulness in working things out in your life for your good and His glory.  Wait on Him and you will see that it is true.  Thank Him for what is yet to come.  Rejoice!  The Lord is on His throne and is watching over you today.  Rejoice!  The best is yet to come.

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