Sunday, May 7, 2017


Josh. 24:22  “You are accountable for this decision,” Joshua said.  “You have chosen to serve the LORD.”

     You are accountable for your decision to follow the Lord; with salvation comes responsibility. We must be more than talkers of faith; we must be doers of it as well. Anyone can claim to be a child of God, but not everyone who does is saved. Salvation requires of us a life of change. We must strive to not sin and we must strive to seek after the Lord. Our desire must always be to please the Lord. We must want to live up to His standards. We must embrace His character. We must be willing to be different from the world and be more concerned about what the Lord thinks than what others think.

      God knows what is going on. He is watching you and will hold you accountable for how you live and not just what you believe about Him. It is easy to hide behind grace and not take faith seriously. Faith is not just a shield that protects us from hell. It changes who we are. We no longer are in bondage to sin and its desires. We become bound by Christ’s righteousness and its desires. It does not mean we won’t sin, because we do. But, it does mean that we desire not to sin. Our sin troubles us and we seek the Lord’s forgiveness when we do. We think and feel differently about sin than do those who are not in Christ.

      A true child of God thinks like it, feels like it, and acts like it. He is accountable for his behavior before God.

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