Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Lord passes judgment on the nations.

Ps. 7:8 The LORD passes judgment on the nations. Declare me righteous, O LORD, for I am innocent, O Most High!

The world is in a mess. All throughout the world, mankind has wandered away from God. There is no nation on the earth where it can be said of them that they are a people after God's own heart. Every nation on earth is guilty of sin before God and will be judged for it. Nothing escapes God's notice and He will pass judgment on every nation.

Yet, in spite of the wickedness found in the world, we don't have to participate in it. It is possible for us to declare our innocence before God and mean it. We can live holy lives in the world. In fact, we must if we are going to be spared from God's judgments.

Only those living holy lives are innocent before Him. It doesn't matter too much what we declare about ourselves; what matters is what God declares about us. Innocence before God stems from living righteously. When we are striving to not sin and do what is right before God, we are innocent of wrong doing. Our actions may not always be right, but if our heart is right we will be declared innocent.

God examines the motives of the heart and holds us accountable for them. What matters is why we do what we do. We can be assured that our motives are right when we faithfully examine our actions, thoughts and words in light of the Word of God. When we know the right things to do and strive to do them, we are innocent before God. We are not able to keep our motives pure without guidance from God's Word. Also, we must stay close to the heart of God through prayer. We can only know the heart of God through spending quality time with Him in frequent prayer.

We are not subject to the world's judgment when Jesus is our Lord. There is no condemnation to those who are living in Him. Stay in close fellowhip with the Lord and you will not get burned when God passes judgment on the nations.

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