Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jesus is not just our Savior.

II Chron. 12:14  But he was an evil king, for he did not seek the LORD with all his heart.

King Rehoboam was one of the sons of Solomon and became the king of Judah when the nation of Israel split apart when Solomon died.  Rehoboam was in his early 40’s when he began his rule, so his way of life was pretty much set by this time.  I am sure he picked up a lot of Solomon’s ways of living in the latter stages of his life.  He was exposed to the ways of the Lord, but chose not to seek Him with all his heart. 

I am impressed with the thought that perhaps we too might be thought of as evil when we fail to seek the Lord with all our hearts.  I don’t think that we can make too strong of a point here, but I do think it ought to give us a cause to stop and think about it.  God is holy.  His standards and character are perfect.  There is no flaw whatsoever in God.  He commands us to rise up to His standards.  He commands all of our heart.  When we fail to deliver, in God’s eyes we are sinners.  We fail to live up to the life He came to give us.  We are evil to the core.

If it were not for Jesus, who does for us what we can’t do, none of us would have any hope of seeing God.  Jesus makes that which is wrong with us right before God.  We dare not ever let Jesus become an afterthought in our minds and hearts.  We dare not neglect Him.

Jesus is more than our Savior, He is Lord as well.  You cannot accept and live for Christ without letting Him be your Lord.  God’s promises and blessings are unleashed when we let Him have all of our heart, mind and soul.  There is no joy in the salvation of those who won’t let Jesus be their Lord.  In fact, I am convinced that no one can live the life of faith without Jesus being Lord.  Seek the Lord with all your heart.  Let go of all that keeps Him at bay in your life.  If He is not Lord of all of your heart, He is not Lord at all.  You cannot have it your way and His way at the same time.  Surrender your heart to the Lord and let Him change your will so that His will becomes your will. 

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