Saturday, October 5, 2013

"O Lord, you are my light...."

II Sam. 22:29 O LORD, you are my light; yes, LORD, you light up my darkness.

Two issues we must address today. First, can you honestly say that the Lord is your light, and secondly, does He light up your darkness? What do we mean when we say that the Lord is our light? The Lord is your light when you no longer walk in darkness. Without Christ, we are influenced and controlled by sin. Sin is what drives us. We think sinful thoughts and do sinful things. In the dark we have no hope or help. We are stuck where we are at. We can do nothing to change our situation. We will never be good enough to get ourselves out of the darkness. In fact, we like it there and have no desire or intention of leaving. In the darkness we live for the moment and don’t even consider that maybe there is a heaven or hell.

When we are in the light, everything that is true of us in the darkness changes 180 degrees. In the light we desire to live for and please the Lord. We want our sins exposed so that we can confess them and get rid of them. We strive to not let anything hinder us in our relationship with God. We focus our eyes on eternal things and consider the things of this world as rubbish. In the light, we know that all of our goodness and godliness comes from the Lord and not us. We see our way clearly to the Lord. We invest our time and energy pursuing Him through His Word, prayer, Christian fellowship, and service.

When we are in the light, it lights up our darkness. It dispels our darkness. It is an environment in which we live that enables us to grow in grace and our knowledge of the Lord. The more light that shines on our souls, the more victory we enjoy over sin.

Are you living in the light of God’s presence today, or does darkness cast a shadow over your soul? If you are struggling with sin in your life, the only way you are going to overcome it is to enter into the light and live in the light. You can’t have it both ways. Shut the door on darkness and let the Light shine in.

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